Jul 24 2013

How does it work?

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The mechanism:

  • Since the motion of the particles in shallow waters are primarily horizontal:

The OWSC it constituted of a paddle that spins on a horizontal axis that is situated above the water surface and perpendicular to the direction of the wave propagation.

  • It’s operating principle is to use the resonance of the water column.
  • The back-wall often serves as a stabilizer for the OWSC using a caisson.
  • The back-wall and paddle of the OWSC form a water column and they are contributing factors to the tuning of the device.
  • That water column must be optimally tuned to the incident waves in addition to minimizing the generation of turbulences.

OSWC Image


See explanatory video[i] at the bottom of the page; link.


[i] Aquamarine Power, 2013; link

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