Jul 25 2013

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BioWave Port Fairy Pilot Test

BioPower Systems is moving forward with their plans to test their BioWAVE prototype in Port Fairy, Australia. This is a $15 million project. The 250 kW prototype BioWAVE will be installed and grid connected. The project has been fully approved and sponsored by the Victorian government. The installation is expected to occur during 2013. (BioPower Systems 2013)

Learn more about the BioWAVE under Device Profiles: Vertical Hinged Flap.

Yakutat Alaska Wave Energy Project

Resolute Marine Energy’s application for research for a surge converter plant project off of the coast of Yakutat, Alaska was approved February 2013 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The actual project is to develop a full wave power plant consisting of an array of 10-15 SurgeWEC devices that total a power output of 500-750 kW. (Coil, Hoagland and Higman 2013) (Resolute Marine Energy 2013)

Learn more about the SurgeWEC under Device Profiles: Vertical Hinged Flap.

Aquamarine Power Competing for Saltire Prize

The Saltire Prize is a competition created by the Scottish Government to encourage development of marine hydrokinetic devices. Device developers enter the Satire Prize competition to win the grand prize: 10 million pounds. The winner has to generate the most continuous power (creating a minimum of 100 GWh) over a two-year period using only marine energy. One of the four competitors is Aquamarine Power’s Oyster, a surge converter device. (Aquamarine Power 2012)


Learn more about the Oyster under Device Profiles: Vertical Hinged Flap.





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