Jul 25 2013

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Many different variations of surge converter devices have been developed and are in development. For the purpose of organization, this site will distinguish between three different types of surge converter devices.

The most popular and conventional surge converter design is the “Vertical Hinged Flap” design. These devices use hinged flaps that sit vertically (compared to the seabed) in order to collect the horizontal kinetic energy of the waves.

Devices that involve hinged flaps, but employ some sort of modification that differs from the conventional vertical hinged flap, have been categorized as “Modified Hinged Flap” devices.

Finally, a third category of surge converters take advantage of both horizontal and vertical wave movement. These devices will be categorized as “Orbital Movement” devices.


To find device profiles for each category, please follow the links below:

Vertical Hinged Flap

Modified Hinged Flap

Orbital Movement

This page has the following sub pages.

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