Jul 24 2013

Surge Converters

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Welcome to our page about surge converter technology!

Surge converters are a class of wave energy devices. We have compiled information about surge converters in general, the technology associated with them, different surge converter devices, and the environmental effects of surge converter devices.

A bit of history about surge converter technology:

  • The development of wave power research began in the 1970’s in response to the oil crisis.
  • The major difficulty during for researchers was to define a generally accepted conceptual framework.
  • Due to the low efficiency of air turbines and the hydrodynamic problems encountered with already engineered shallow water devices, the development and construction of a new type of water wave energy converter was innovated; the OWSC.
  • The OWSC evolved from the analysis of shoreline.
  • By trying to maximize the OWC’s efficiency with slight geographic, angular or paddle modification, ideas for the OSWC rose to the surface.
  • The realization that the particles’ horizontal in “shallow” waters (6-10 meters) is very significant at the seabed expedited the research process.


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