May 28 2010

Current Installations Around the World

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There are several tidal barrage projects that have been constructed on a global scale.

The first tidal barrage ever constructed was built in France on the Rance Estuary. It was finished in 1966 after two cofferdams were laid down to dry out the area. A total of 75 hectares in the estuary were dried up for the construction. Twenty four turbines and $740 million later, the plant started turning out its’ annual 600 GWhrs. In total, the plant’s capacity is 240 MW and can power 30,000 homes.

Rance Tidal Power Plant

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

The next notable installation was constructed 18 years later in a sub-basin of the Bay of Fundy in Canada. The Annapolis Royal Generating Station was originally meant to be a pilot project for larger projects in the Bay of Fundy, but those were rejected, and this barrage was put to its full use powering homes. It is much smaller than the Rance project, with a capacity of 24 MW, generating as much as 50 GWhrs per year, and remains the first tidal barrage in North America.

Photo credit:  Hartmut Inerle on Wikimedia commons

There are also tidal barrage projects in China and Russia but they are not as well known or researched.

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  1.   matthyon 28 May 2010 at 4:11 pm

    The tidal barrages seem to precede all other renewable coastal energy technologies. They seem to be able to harness a sustainable amount of energy, but aren’t great in design. The environmental impacts are so great that the entire ecosystem is changed. Placing a dam in an estuary prevents the flow of brackish water through that is vital to the estuary. I would hope that nothing like this would ever be placed in the United States. An environmental impact statement I would hope would find this to not be an environmentally friendly installation.

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