Jul 10 2015

Case Study: Scroby Sands Wind Farm

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Scroby Sands Wind Farm

Location:  2.3 km offshore of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK

Nameplate Capacity:  60 MW

Turbines:  30

Cost:  $75 million

The Scroby Sands Wind Farm located offshore Norfolk, East Anglia, UK was one of the United Kingdom’s first major wind energy projects which began development (funding and planning) in 2003. Since the $75 million project was completed it has supplied power for nearly 41,000 nearby homes and remains a staple tourism attraction in the East Anglia area (Kable, 2015). Because of the tourism popularity of the Scroby Sands Visitor Center, not only does the configuration powerful enough to produce 60 Megawatts per year and therefore able to provide power to 41,000 homes, it also serves as a fantastic educational venture spreading knowledge and awareness of renewable to over 35,000 visitors each year. The Visitor Center attracts tourists of all ages, and has interactive educational systems to provide information in a range of methods. Tourists come from not only the UK but all over the world, making the Scroby Sands Wind Farm a paramount ambassador of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and wind energy education (E.ON, UK, 2015).



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