May 24 2010

Requirements for Turbine Location

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Requirements for Turbine Location

  • Strong, constant current. Fortunately for this renewable energy, currents and tides can usually be predicted with 98% accuracy (Yu hoRho, 2012).
  • Depth of water. Usually devices are made to anchor and function in water no deeper than 50 meters, preferably around 25 meters (“Development”).  Also influences type of anchoring—if too deep, needs to be a floating device with moorings; when shallow enough a monopile, tripod base, or other gravity based foundation must be installed.
  • Seafloor that can support and withstand alterations. The base of the system will be secured by drilling a hole into the seafloor and securing in place with concrete and boulders (“Site Preparation”). Aprons of concrete and rocks surround the area to ensure that erosion from the water movement does not undermine the integrity of the foundation, while minimizing sediment loss (Gill, 2005).
  • Ecological impacts on the benthic and pelagic environments from noise, EM fields, and habitat alteration.  Could lead to creation of artificial reef or disruption to migratory species— consider invasive species, changes in biodiversity,

No matter what, the anchoring of the device will influence aquatic life during construction, operation, and decommissioning.  It’s necessary to account for all factors to best minimize cost and environmental damage while still generating maximum energy.  Check out another consideration you might not have thought about.

Footprints of turbines may vary in size. There are lots of factors to account for before installing a turbine.




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