May 25 2011

EM Effects – Marine Mammals

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No tests could be found conducted on electromagnetic fields and marine mammals. Only estimates have been made about the potential effects electromagnetic fields could cause.

Many toothed and baleen whales are hypothesized to be capable of sensing geomagnetism that enables them to use geomagnetic cues for navigation (Hoffman 36). Significant geomagnetic intensities produced by cables could therefore affect the ability for certain cetaceans to travel efficient along their long-distance migrations with results similar to those of the sea turtles (Hoffman 36).


Geomagnetic Cues:


Harbor purposes have not been found to rely on geomagnetic cues. Living in relatively shallow waters near continental shelves they are able to use cues such as temperature, salinity, and bathymetry for location (Hoffman 37). They are therefore not predicted to be affected by electromagnetic fields produced by cables.


Location of Harbor Porpoises:

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