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Jul 21 2016

Discoveries from Disasters

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When the BP oil spill named Deepwater Horizon happened in 2010, BP set aside $500 million dollars for a private company to research its outcome and the overall environment it was affecting. With millions in the bank account Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) funded the efforts of 1,200 scientists to monitor the gulf and […]

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Jul 21 2016

The Dangers of Ignorance

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Last year, December 2015, President Obama passed a bill that officially banned micro-beads in the United States (Imam, 2015). The purpose behind this bill was to protect the waterways of the country since water filters were unable to catch the minuscule exfoliating beads as they traveled through the underground sewage network. Some cheered for this […]

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Jul 20 2016

Big Winds Blowing in the Big Apple

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After 130 years of worrying about making a good first impression, Lady Liberty might soon get some relief. Before catching a glimpse of the iconic green lady, weary travelers sailing into New York could now be greeted first by iconic green energy: offshore wind turbines. In the next 24 hours, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is expected to approve the […]

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Jul 16 2016

WWF Buys Fishing License (Blog Post 2)

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      WWF is doing something unusual for environmental groups, but the reasons why they are doing it justify the action. They are buying a $100,000 commercial shark-fishing license in the Great Barrier Reef. But they are not buying to fish sharks; they are buying it protect them. The WWF is buying this license […]

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Jul 12 2016

Adélie Penguins: A new Species to Keep an eye On

Along the rocky coastline and ice-covered waters of the Antarctic, lives the penguin species Adélie. These waddling fellows can be distinguished from their counterparts by a vivid white ring around their eyes. Adélies make up a large portion of the penguins in the Antarctic region, but recent studies have their numbers dwindling by up to […]

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Jul 07 2016

Out of the Dark and into the Light- Coal and Solar Energy

Certain small coal mining towns fight any threat to their mine(s) which may or may not be the town’s main way of gaining sustenance. This is quite possibly the way they have operated ever since the industrial revolution, and while there have been many safety advancements, coal mining continues to be a treacherous occupation (Gibson). […]

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Jul 06 2016

Settling for the Lesser of Two Evils?

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The spotlight is on China to make a shift in their energy mix and reduce carbon emission. China consumes more energy than any other country in the world, and their energy demand is expected to increase. This leaves the country with some difficult decisions concerning energy demand and emissions goals. In 2014, China made its […]

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