Jun 24 2016

Huffington Article

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I researched information about the class, and there was an article in the Huffington Post about the ocean’s energy. There has been a new study through Carnegie Wave Energy Limited that has made a device that can convert the ocean’s energy into power, and it does not disrupt the ecosystems or marine life. I think in this class, and when we visit the field site, the most interesting aspect to me is how the organisms that live in the oceans are affected by energy systems, and how the changing environment affects this wildlife population. To hear that this new device does not create damage in the ecosystem is good to hear, because that would make this technology extraneous and harmful. Buoys and pumps are under water as well, so the view of the ocean is not changed with this technology.

In a video that goes along with the article, a researcher on the project says that technology converts the swell in the ocean to generate electricity, and that this form of energy is a new player among other popular energy sources. The buoys that are submerged in the sea move with the current, which then is carried through pumps on the sea floor. Those pumps carry energy to offshore areas. Ocean powered energy is more productive than wind or solar energy, even though it has not been used much. Australia uses ocean energy through Carnegie, and it is useful since there is so much water around the land. There is a lot of information in this article, so I encourage people to read it to get more of an idea of the methods out there to transform the ocean’s energy into power.

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