Jul 27 2015

100% Renewable Energy is Possible!

Vancouver city strives for 100% clean energy, including electricity, heating and cooling, and potentially hydroelectric transportation. Attaining 100% renewable energy is finally possible.   “We spent 10 years arguing over whether climate change was happening and then we spent another 10 years arguing over what we should do if it is happening; now we’re getting down to the who and when.”(Reimer)The chart below displays “the price of wind and solar power continues to plummet, and is now on par or cheaper than grid electricity in many areas of the world.” (Bloomberg) -1x-1

Vancouver voted to transition to 100% renewable energy in April and has since seen a 6% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions as well as a 20% increase in number of jobs. (Shahan) “The city also has 98% greenhouse gas–free electricity, and 31% renewable electricity.” (Reimer) The city is working to reach 100% renewable by encouraging walking as the major form of transportation, adding bike infrastructure and protected bike lanes, adding incentives for electric cars, green building codes, and utilizing waste heat for energy production.
Plans towards reaching 100% renewable energy is now trending across the states and it is only a matter of time before it will be accomplished. “The technology evolution that dropped the cost of solar modules by around 75% between 2009 and 2014 is now being followed by political and financial initiatives that are further driving down costs.” (Steiner) I believe the same pattern will follow with wind and wave energy technological breakthroughs in the near future.


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