Jun 21 2013

Large Waves Call for Large Wave Farms

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Aquamarine Power, a Scottish marine engineering corporation, has started building what will be the largest wave farm in the world.  The project will be located off the Lewis coast in the Northwest of Scotland and it will be expected to power nearly 30,000 households.  The wave farm will use Oyster energy generating systems.  Properly named so because of the oyster inspired motions it uses to capture the wave energy.

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Oyster system

The wave farm is being produced to compete in the ingenious Saltire Prize Challenge, which strives to find the best innovations in the clean ocean energy field, specifically targeting wave and tidal energy technology.  The winner will be the device that generates the greatest volume of electricity over a continuous two year period using only the ocean as the source for its power.  Let’s see how this big boy does against its competitors!


For more information on the Aquamarine project: http://www.marineinsight.com/tech/the-worlds-largest-wave-farm/

For more information on the Oyster system: http://inhabitat.com/oyster-generates-electricity-from-waves/

For more information on the Saltire Prize Challenge and the other competitors: http://www.saltireprize.com/

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