Sep 03 2012

Encounter with Endangered Sea Turtles

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Sea turtle hatchlings. Credit to Jaunted.

I have been meaning to follow up on one of my previous blog entries for a while and just haven’t gotten to it until now. I posted “Caution: Endangered Sea Turtles” in July after doing some research about the N.E.S.T program which protects endangered sea turtles during their hatching process on the beaches of the Outer Banks.

I live in Kitty Hawk and just days after I posted that blog entry one of my friends asked me if I wanted to go watch for turtles that were about to hatch two minutes up the road. Of course I said yes; I had never seen baby sea turtles hatch before and thought it would be so exciting to do so. I had a feeling that where we were going was probably a N.E.S.T. site and sure enough when we got there we saw the protection area that had been set up and volunteers that were sitting by the site protecting it and answering questions of anyone who walked by or, like me, came to watch.

Hatching site. Credit to Nicole Carlozo.

The protection area consisted of the turtle nest (which was burried under the sand so you couldn’t actually see it) surrounded by a knee-high, black, tarp fence. The fence went all the way around the nest up close to the sand dunes and then started leading a path to the water for a short distance until it turned to a roped fence. In between the roped path that led farther to the shore the sand was patted down to make it easier for the turles to scoot their way to the water. When the turles hatch, they come up out of the sand and make their way down the path and into the ocean.

I went back to the site several times that week but I ended up missing the turtles by an hour on the night that they hatched. I also went to another site farther north one night about a week or so later but unfortunately I did not see them hatch either. I will make it my goal next summer to see some endangered turtle hatchlings! I just though it was such a coincidence that I actually visited a N.E.S.T site a few days after blogging about them.

If you are interested in learning more about N.E.S.T. you may scroll down to see my previous post and visit their website.

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  1.   Haylee Eynonon 28 Sep 2012 at 5:08 pm

    I never knew you could go watch turtles hatch, that actually must be really cool. That turtle picture at the top is very sad though. I wish there were more details on what we could do to make sure that doesn’t happen. again.