Jul 25 2011

Transportation of Energy

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In a white paper “’Electricity Energy Storage Technology Options’ A White Paper
Primer on Applications, Costs, and Benefits” principal investigator D. Rastler
describes the “final goal of this paper is to outline a framework [of] methodology
that electric utilities and industry stakeholders may use in estimating the
value of energy storage systems.” The paper outlines the process of what types
of usage or applications the technology may be used in. These include all renewable
energy technologies. This is a chart depicting the expected timeline before implementation:

D. Rastler

With this new way of transmitting via transporting will allow for limited environmental impact for wind farms and will also allow for
dessert solar farms to exist.

One of the largest hurdles that renewable energy faces is that the ideal sites for production are not ideal in transmission expenses. There
is a cost labeled wheeling cost presented in Wind Power Monthly. This is the cost associated with transmitting power over the landscape. One of the major costs for a wind power plant is that when and where the wind blows isn’t always close to where the energy is needed. An example is the wind farm at Medicine Bow Wyoming, which is Platte River Power Authority, which provides wind energy to Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland Colorado.One of the many hurdles that were overcome was the “wheeling cost,” due to the sites close proximity to the customers this was achievable. For more information about this wind farm you may visit Platte
River Power Authority at: http://www.prpa.org/


One of the turbines actually generates energy used at the
New Belgium Brewing Company located in Fort Collins. I first learned of this asI drove across the U.S. and stopped in Fort Collins with my girlfriend (wife now) as she wanted to visit some of her friends from college. She graduated from Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Her friends were all about the Brewing company and the great environmental practices utilized there. You can visit there site at: http://www.newbelgium.com/culture/alternatively_empowered.aspx
for more of their view of what it means to be an environmental steward.




D. Rastlers investigation as to whether it is attainable for electricity to be distributed via storage batteries is revolutionary to power generation. The idea that energy can be transported via battery technology will increase how, when, and where energy can be produced. It will open up many new frontiers for production that were previously thought to have impossible “wheeling costs” attatched to the economical costs involved in production and distribution.

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